We Are THAT Church!

Lost? At the end of your rope? Looking for direction and purpose in Life? Tired of Empty Religion that promises bliss and demands perfection??? Tired of the feelings of getting burned by relationships inside and outside the church?

At TLC, we don't have all the answers you need, but we WILL connect you to the One who does. You won't find perfect people here. We make mistakes. We try and fail at times. Sometimes we don't reflect the nature of God 100%. We may not look like what you expect. We may not talk or worship the way you do.  BUT...

We ARE on a Journey in our Faith, with bumps and along the way...

We ARE blessed by a God who runs our race with us and NEVER leaves us to face life alone, and NEVER, EVER gives up on us...

We ARE given purpose, hope, and direction.

We ARE in Relationship with our God who created us and helps to reflect Him in Thought, Word, and Action, so there's NO ROOM FOR RELIGION!

We ARE looking for people who aren't perfect, who need hope, purpose, and direction, encouragement - who simply need a God who Loves them unconditionally, even if they may not know how to Love Him back.


and We are For You!